We know you’re busy, and so is your team. Skill Bursts are leadership training modules designed to meet the needs of scaling organizations. They are high impact and designed to fit into the hectic schedules of emerging leaders.

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Making Strategic Decisions

Making good decisions is the key to business success. In today’s complex world it’s becoming increasingly important to leverage the knowledge of multiple people to make smart decisions. It’s also important to make decisions quickly. Most groups struggle to tick both these boxes. In this Skill Burst you’ll learn how to replace slow, ineffective decision-making with processes that are energizing, efficient and inclusive.

Taking Radical Responsibility

We’re taught from a very early age that many things in the world are outside of our control. In subtle, insidious ways we unintentionally create patterns and habits based on this belief. Leading teams that operate with light hierarchy, no hierarchy or self-organizing principles requires us to more radically take responsibility. In this Skill Burst, we explore how to more fully recognize the choices we have so we become the change we want to see in the world.

Giving Feedback that Works

For many, providing feedback is one of the most difficult leadership challenges. While we desire to have helpful dialogue resulting in positive change, instead we often bounce between avoidance and aggression. The ability to offer feedback that creates meaningful change while strengthening the relationship in the process is at the heart of this Skill Burst.

Leading Without Authority

The best indicator of true leadership is followership. From flat organizations to project-based teams to fully self-organizing managerless businesses, leaders are being challenged to get things done without leveraging positional power. In doing so they’re called to lead in a new way. This Skill Burst focuses on building followership by understanding, inspiring and organizing people around shared goals.

Uncovering Your Leadership Style

Understanding yourself and others is an essential skill of leadership. With high self-awareness and acute perception of those around them, leaders can leverage their own strengths and create an environment where others can do the same. In this Skill Burst we’ll employ a scientifically-validated profiling tool to help you understand your leadership style. With an understanding of these natural tendencies, you’ll have the tools to bring out the best in you and your team.

Fundamentals of Clear Communication

One of the lowest ranking scores on most team satisfaction surveys relates to the lack of sufficient and effective communication. Leaders, whether by title or by choice, are the best initiators or major inhibitors of quality communication. Uncover the fundamentals of ensuring what you’re trying to say lands on the other side by joining this Skill Burst.


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